Student Housing of the Future

One area of specific focus for MCVRE is for under market potential real estate supported by post-secondary schools and/or the community that surrounds the college or university. MCVRE invests in multi-unit income producing properties at near-campus locations. We will also consider senior housing, hotels, research parks, retail and parking in close proximity.

Our professionals have developed significant knowledge of this industry and the demographics and economics that support it.

MCVRE offers the following benefits:

The financial characteristics of each property class in which we invest will evolve with market conditions. MCVRE relies on proprietary market research and established analytical tools to make investment decisions, and we take an active approach to managing properties in our portfolio -- from selecting and structuring deals to executing prudent financial investments to managing exits.

MCVRE seeks strong risk-adjusted investments in an education sector that is poised for extraordinary growth. Over the next ten years, the enrollment of "echo-boomers" in post-secondary education will increase enrollment by two million new students -- from 16.5 million today to over 18.5 million in 2013. This trend creates increased demand for new campus-related real estate assets and strains the existing real estate systems of academic institutions, many of which are aged or lack modern convenience.

MCVRE will actively pursue properties in close proximity to high growth communities with a substantial post-secondary institution along with other underlying fundamental drivers. The goal will be to reposition the asset based on our tested methodologies to create value.

To this market opportunity, MCVRE brings a skilled management team that has experience leading initiatives to exploit these markets. The team has significant net lease experience, has initiated, structured, and managed joint venture relationships and has significant experience in equity and debt origination in taxable and tax-exempt forms.

We offer potential joint venture partners: