Our Business Funding Criteria

We are primarily looking for companies with technology, business services and manufacturing sectors. Our technical understanding and fundamental knowledge enable us to quickly review new business proposals in these areas. Even though we are particularly interested in “green” or “eco-friendly” material manufacturing companies, we have successfully assisted a number of cross sector companies through our focus on creating operational efficiencies and profitable growth strategies.

Stage of Investment
We primarily invest in emerging and promising companies with significant growth potential. Our investment sweet spot is at the Series A and B level. However, we often participate in earlier-stage companies and will consider a Series C investment as well.

Investment Size
MCV participates in providing or finding equity for companies in the range of $500,000 to $10 million.

We are looking for a team dedicated to growing an exceptionally successful business and having the knowledge, experience and track record to do so.  Must have demonstrated success in previous undertakings, entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to create shareholder value are necessary attributes. The team does not have to be complete. We often assist in filling it out.

Product and/or Service
We are looking for highly differentiated, unique and significantly superior products and services. It needs to be demonstrated why customers will purchase the company's product or service rather than purchase a competing alternative.

We are most likely to invest in a company that addresses customers in large, growing markets that can be identified and accessed economically.